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KETTLEBAND – Adjustable Weight Vest Loads Range 0-35lbs Fitness Weight with Removable Weights Including 16 Irons Weights Bars for Training Workout Running Walking Exercises, for men and women

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KETTLEBAND ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT VEST – This adjustable weight vest is made of rugged, durable, reinforced nylon. The skin-friendly, sweat-wicking mesh material is comfortable, breathable and easy to clean. The multi-pocket, variable weight design provides ultimate versatility to your workout

CORE STRENGTH TRAINING – KETTLEBAND WEIGHT VESTS have wide, sturdy shoulder straps and a comfortable fit that help focus weight onto the chest and upper back without pulling or restricting shoulder range of motion.  Carrying the weight higher on the body better leverages the weight for maximum core strengthening. 

VERSATILE TRAINING TOOL –KETTLEBAND WEIGHT VESTS can be worn during aerobic workouts, weight training, cycling, during crossfit exercises, and most other workouts. The vest adds weight without significant bulk, keeping all range of motion available

SCALE YOUR WORKOUT – The KETTLEBAND WEIGHT VESTS distribute the weight across a series of pockets across the front and back, with each weight removable. With each bar weighing 2.2 pounds, the vest can be adjusted to suit your current fitness and strength level and scale up along with your workout 


Wearing the KETTLEBAND WEIGHT VEST during your workout, or even as you move through your day, and any level of activity, benefits the whole body. A 35lbs weight vest can be scaled between 0 lbs and a maximum of 35lbs, in increments of 2.2 lbs. 

To wash the vest you must remove all of the weight bars from their pockets. Hand wash or place the vest in a washing machine selecting gentle wash. Once washed, hang the vest to dry.



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