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Gator® Gym Rubber 3/4″ – Mats

Gator® Gym Rubber 3/4″ – Mats

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  • Ultra durable Gator® Gym Rubber Mats are the ideal surface for any gym flooring project that requires resilience, sound absorption, spike-resistance, slip-resistance, traction, and cushion. Exclusively designed with all new FrictionBACK anti-skid backing, the bottom of the Gator®Gym resilient rubber matting provides strong, reliable traction to prevent shifting under sudden athletic movements.
    • Superior Durability – Perfect for CrossFit boxes or power lifting areas
    • FrictionBACK – Anti skid backing to prevent rubber mats from shifting under abrupt motions
    • Eco-Friendly – Low VOC and composed primarily of premium recycled rubber scrap tires
    • Easy to Install – Save time and money with easy installation to make novice DIYers look like pros
    • Impact-Absorbing Cushion – Designed for Olympic weightlifting and strength training to protect athletes, dropped weights, and existing sub-floors
    • Slip-Resistant – Non-porous surface remains slip-resistant even when wet
    • Easy to Clean – Save time with easy to clean and maintain rubber mats
    • Industrial Fit & Finish – Slight thickness and dimensional variations possible

Available Sizes: 6' x 4'

Installation: DIY, Loose Lay, Tape or Glue

Product-type: Mats

Thickness: 18mm (3/4")

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