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GatorFIT® Artificial Turf – Rolls

GatorFIT® Artificial Turf – Rolls

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Train hard and play hard on multipurpose GatorFIT® gym turf! Our revolutionary SuperSOFT fibre provides a much more comfortable surface than traditional artificial turf while our 5mm foam ActionBACK provides a safer and lower impact base to reduce injury and protect athletes of any age or size. With a smooth surface for sleds and other equipment to glide, yet still offering adequate resistance to train hard, fully customizable and removable GatorFIT® indoor sports turf is a durable and low-maintenance surfacing option for agility training facilities, soccer fields, sprint lanes and more.

  • Impact-absorbing – ActionBACK 5mm foam backing to reduce impact to joints
  • Fully customizable – add lines, hash marks, speed ladders, and logos
  • Available in multiple colours
  • SuperSOFT fibre – provides optimal comfort and excellent traction
  • Versatile – can be used in fitness facilities, indoor sports centres, and agility centres

Product-type: Rolls

Installation: Professional Install

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