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Olympic-Barbells-Green 20kg/45lbs

Olympic-Barbells-Green 20kg/45lbs

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Color: Blue
Material: High Grade Spring Steel
Barbell Weight: 20 KG
Dimensions: Length= 220 cm(7Ft) x Thickness= 28 mm(1.2 Inches)
Hand Grip Diameter: 28 mm(1.2 Inches)
Plates Diameter: 2 Inches
Loading Capacity: 1500 lb
Finishing: Hard Chrome
Components: Bearings and Bushes
What does the package include?

1x Olympic Barbell

DURABILITY & QUALITY SECOND TO NONE – KETTLEBAND barbells for men and women are made of ultra-strong 210k psi steel. The sleeves are built with quality copper bushings, 10-needle bearings and offer an attractive chrome finish. The 10-needle bearings offer better inertia reduction, allowing for smoother position changes when lifting. This unsurpassed durability means you can train hard without worry

COMPATIBLE WITH 2-INCH PLATES – KETTLEBAND barbell sleeves are 44.5 cm (17.5 inches) long and 50mm (1.95 inches) in diameter. This makes them compatible with all standard 2-inch plates. KETTLEBAND only produces barbells and plates in this size to ensure simplicity

EXCELLENT HOLD AND FIRM GRIP – KETTLEBAND barbells feature volcanic-knurled hand grips along the shaft which ensures a firm grip while lifting. The volcanic-knurled handle of the barbell has a 28 mm (1.1 inch) diameter , with a 0.3 mm knurling depth prevents wet hands from slipping

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