Kettle Band

30lbs Macebell



  • FUNCTIONAL FULL-BODY WORKOUTS – Hit muscle groups at angles no other equipment can reach. With the Kettleband Maceclub, static, fluid, and dynamic movements will test your strength and stability to the max. The weighted sphere at the end creates a unique, extended lever for you to compensate for. It can be lengthened or shorted to challenge your individual limits and crush your personal fitness goals.
  • SOLID, SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE – Our Macebells are made from steel and come to you in one solid piece, no assembly required. The Handle is embossed with 1.2 mm diamond knurling to help you hold on tight through every swing, joust, and swipe. It has been poured and welded with precision to provide you with an expertly made, durable Maceclub.
  • TRAIN LIKE A WARRIOR – Mace clubs have been used since the 1200’s to train Persian warriors for battle and have stood the test of time. They will test your strength, agility, muscular endurance and control with dynamic, rotational movements. Learn how to control your body under tension with intention and you’ll be ready to face any battle life throws your way.
  • WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE – This Mace Club is 10lbs; 42 inches long; has a 1.5” diameter handle; 1.2 mm diamond knurling; and a 3.6” diameter sphere at the end. Each Macebell is made from durable steel.

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