5lbs Macebell.
5lbs Macebell
5lbs Macebell
5lbs Macebell
5lbs Macebell
5lbs Macebell
5lbs Macebell

5lbs Macebell

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Kettleband Fitness Steel Mace Macebell 5lbs Made Of Heavy Duty Steel Maces Perfect for Strength Training and Rehabilitation Macebell For Men & Women


  • FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING: Train your entire body effectively and efficiently with a Steel Macebell. Improve your skill, grip strength, muscle strength, speed and endurance as you train your different muscle groups with every movement. Swinging this Indian mace bell in a linear trajectory will produce high amount of torque on the joints and increases strength production in the muscles.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & DURABLE:  Each macebbell is made of sturdy steel with a smooth surface. The macebell handle ensures a secure hold. These weights are perfect for beginners to advance and can challenge any fitness element. Its rounded head made of steel is completely welded to the metal shaft in order to obtain an almost indestructible hammer bell.
  • PERFECT DESIGN WITH STRONG GRIP : Our kettleband Macebell has a safe and secure design while offering a strong grip. This is indestructible mace head and knurled shaft will give you a excellent grip. The handle design allows you to have a good grip without it slipping out of your hand. You can perform all exercises activities without hesitation due to the superior quality of our product, which provides you with safe and secure movement.
  • VERSATILE FITNESS EQUIPMENT: Steel macebells training targets muscle groups such as the shoulder joint, torso, arms and grip for efficient muscle strength and endurance. Optimize Your Macebell Training Do everything with our Macebell such as strength training, crossfit, fighting, tire banging and more.

PACKAGE : This Macebell weight is 5lbs, while the length of the maceball is 30". The handle diameter of the maceball is 1.2",  1.2 mm diamond knurling, and sphere diameter is 3" at the end. If you have any query about our products, feel free to contact us, we will get back to you less than in 24 hours.



You all need a strong macebell to fight on your fitness battlefield. In fact, the all-steel composition makes this Macebell unbreakable. The evenly round head is completely welded to the metal shaft for a long service life. It is coated with black powder that protects it from fouling and provides a strong grip.


Macebell is unique in that it can pose a workout challenge that no other fitness device can handle. Weights are thought of as moving away from the center of gravity, making them more realistic and balanced muscles work harder (i.e. increase muscle strength) to correct uneven weight distribution.


Kettleband macebell is designed to build strength muscle groups and smaller muscle groups so using them will improve your core and rotational strength, as well as endurance, speed and agility. 


• Ideal for beginners, advanced and experts for full body training. 

• The centrifugal force of swinging the stick exerts tension on the joints instead of compressing them.

 • Rotational Movement - A full range of motion that improves overall health, flexibility, and a higher level. 

• Intensive full-body training, this effective exercise racket also strengthens the gluteal muscles, the leg muscles, the quadriceps and the calves through the leg drive.


Kettlbe band Macebells is available at 5 Wights, offering flexibility in training. Easy to store and full body movements to run multiple plans. Frame of the maze-streamlined and knurled shaft for a better handle and a long handle make sure you perform natural movements without sliding from your hands.


Brand: Kettleband Fitness Store

Material: Heavy Duty Steel

Weight: 5lbs

Color: Black

Size: Length 30" Handle Diameter 1.2"  Sphere Diameter is 3"

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