25lbs Weight-Vest.
25lbs Weight-Vest.

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Kettleband Fitness Adjustable Weight Vest Loads Range 25lbs Fitness Weight With Removable Weights Including 12 Irons Weights For Training Workout Running Walking Exercises


  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT DESIGN There are 12 large pockets on the vest, 6 on the front and 6 in the back for iron weights holder. In 12 pockets you can distribute the iron blocks or weights in different pockets according to your desire of training. These pockets give you a range of weights lifting to scale your training level.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This Vest is specially designed for cross fit workout of the day. With 12 fully adjustable weight blocks, it offers individual skill levels suitable for beginners and high-performance athletes. This weight vest is adjustable and can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.
  • COMFORTABLE SHOULDERS The widened shoulder design disperses shoulder pressure and makes you feel more comfortable when exercising. The material use to make weight vest is highly strengthened and durable.
  • WASHING: Hand wash with antibacterial soap and hang it to get dry. Keep your vest clean at all times, just remove the weights, on the washing machine, and put this weight vest in machine. It will be get dry easily and keep you fresh and cool all the time.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of nylon and TPE foam. Durable and sturdy nylon fabric. A layer of soft foam insulation can effectively reduce the impact and prolong its service life. A flat surface can effectively dissipate the heat generated during exercise.



This adjustable weight vest allows you to easily gain weight in the gym. You are not overweight during aerobic exercise. It can be customized. This skin-friendly, sweat-wicking mesh material is comfortable, breathable and easy to clean.


Weighted packets are used to fill the pockets throughout the vest and therefore we add 12 pockets for weight adjustment.  You can easily add or remove the weights from pockets to reach the desired vest weight. Pockets are used to hold the weights. You can remove fully loaded pockets to reach desired heaviness. 


The wide, sturdy shoulder straps help you focus your weight on your chest and torso without pulling or tightening your shoulders. Durable vests are ideal for many indoor and outdoor workouts, such as strength training, aerobics, fitness, walking, running, and mountain climbing.


Not only it improves balance and ability to stand, it can also provide excellent support for runners and pedestrians with musculoskeletal problems. Skeletal muscle training weights are somewhat effective in preventing osteoporosis and can quickly improve explosive power, jumping power, sensitivity and endurance.


Wearing a perfect weighted vest during aerobic exercise can improve strength training, burn more calories, and increase endurance and flexibility.


Brand: Kettleband Fitness Store

Material: Nylon, TPE Foam

Weight: 25lbs Weighted Vest

Color: Black

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