Kettle Band


  • 100% Rubber Hex Dumbbells. Wether You’re An Amateur or Professional, Dumbbells Are For Any Person/Age Who Wants To Build Strength, Burn Fat, and Create/Maintain A Shapely Body.


  •  Free Weight Training With Dumbbells Are Much More Dynamically Effective Than Exercise Machines. Hundreds of Thousands of Routines Are Waiting To Be Incorporated Into Your Home Workout Regimen — Even If You’re Beyond The Age of 40 , It’s Never Too Late To Start


  • The Excellent Workout Equipment Choice If You Prefer To Exercise In The Comfort of Your Home. It's Small, Compact, Can Easily Be Stored In a Closet, Under The Bed -Fit For Anyone Who Love To Workout With Convenience.


  •  Hexagon Shaped Heads Prevent Rolling and Provide Easier Storage, Coupled With Diamond Knurl Ergonomic Steel Handles To Restrain Slipping, and Provide a Comfortable, Secure Grip.


  • Solid Cast Iron Core For Reliable Quality and Strength. 100% Rubber Coating Added For User Safety and Effective Prevention of Possible Damage To Floors and Equipment.

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