Kettle Bands

Buy 5 Bands Get 2 FREE

$89.99 $159.98


Hot Seller . Buy 5 bands and get the Yellow and Green band for free.

Having a wide range of bands will keep you on track with your work out. As you progress your bands grow with you.

The band package weight ranges from 5-120lbs

What you get:

Green Band 50-120LBS Resistance  Sale - $22.99 ,      Reg. $32.99

Black Band 35-85LBS Resistance  Sale - $18.99 ,         Reg. $24.99

Purple Band 35-75LBS Resistance  Sale - $17.99 ,       Reg. $24.99

Red Band 25-50LBS Resistance  Sale - $14.99 ,           Reg. $22.99

Orange Band 18-45LBS Resistance  Sale - $13.99 ,     Reg. $21.99

Bonus Free Bands:

Green Band 10-25LBS Resistance  Sale - $9.99 ,         Reg. $19.99

Yellow Band 5-15LBS Resistance  Sale - $8.99 ,          Reg. $11.99

This package is our ultimate deal. Get all the bands you need for starting and more for one low low price. You save $71.94 off the regular price of the bands and $19.94 off purchasing them individually on our current sale promotion. We are here to help our clients. Happy shopping. 


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