25lbs Clubbell.
25lbs Clubbell.
25lbs Clubbell.

25lbs Clubs

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Kettleband clubbells Premium Steel 25lbs Clubbells ,Full Shoulders Rotate, Exercise Steel Club for Men And Women's Strength Training And Full Body Workouts


  • HIGH EXCELLENCE AND LONG-LASTING: These club bells made up with steel and iron. If you need a long-term solution to train your whole body then it is best choice. Coating of paint on cold steel club will keep your workout materials looking fresh for many years, coating prevent from rust and scuff that comes on your steel.
  • INCREASE SHOULDER STRENGTH: These club bells are extremely versatile, these club will allow you to perform active dynamically. It will provide your whole body with an overwhelming, unique workout. Your shoulders will swings and rotations take your shoulders through a full range of motion, and provide beneficial movements to your elbows.
  • ALL IN ONE FUNCTION :  Practicing functional training skills on line steel such as swings, squats, and pullovers, then continue to upgrading your weight level as your overall strength recovers with time. Build your core on clubbells, train you more and improve your functional training skills to their limits with the ultimate flexible workout accessory each day!!!
  • 100% AUTHENTIC: Our 100% Solid Steel Clubs are an excellent addition to your unusual training tool weapon store. Kettleband store contain 6 different size of Club bells which are coated with fine black powder and mark with our logo. Club bells of steel can also be used in pronation and supination exercises.
  • DIMENSIONS: The total weight of the club bells is 25lbs. Kettleband clubbells are made of with cast iron which is durable and sturdy. These clubbells are coated with a black matte coat, which safe it from corrosion and provide a strong grip. The total length of the club bell is 15 inches and available in single and in pair. These kettle bell is perfect gift for your family and friends.



Due to the dynamic nature and also the constant need of helpful the clubbell, we want to interact the core. Therefore, we'll not lose the stress of our balance and that we won't fall in each single movement. It will be very helpful making muscles of the body and arms. It equally distribute the weight to body to get strength.


We will be able to control the movement of the clubbell in different exercise phases and by this movement we control our breath which makes our lungs strong. Due to its design, we will perform specific exercises, particularly people who involve the rotation of the shoulder


If you’re concerned in any sport that needs strong, versatile shoulders (and elbows too) like baseball, martial arts, and tennis, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy club training.


Holding a weight that’s at the top of a handle needs ample forearm strength. Also, holding onto the clubs in order that they don’t go flying out of your hands mid-swing helps you build a footing sort of a vise.


The swinging motion needs you to have interaction your core muscles so as to stabilize your trunk. A number of the a lot of advanced club swings need extremely developed body coordination skills.


• The main fact of the clubbell is that is the weight is condensed in a line. Other than kettlebell, which divides the weight throughout its width, and that weight can be handle in certain exercises.

• In addition, it permits a more leisurely neutral grip than the kettlebell, though we cannot do a prone grip.

• The actual fact that its separates the weight from the grip, creating it harder to manage it.


  • Brand: kettle band
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Color: Black

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