22.5lbs-Dumbbells (Set)
22.5lbs-Dumbbells (Set)

22.5lbs-Dumbbells (Set)

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Kettleband Hex Dumbbells Come In Pairs with Coated Metal Handles For Muscle Training


  • SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIAL : Our hex dumbbell is made up of solid cast iron core which is more reliable strength and durable. While the rubber coating on dumbbells is used to protect it from rust and prevents damage to floors and equipment.
  • HEX-SHAPED HAND WEIGHT: Hexagon shaped heads of our dumbbell prevent rolling while the design of the handle provide you secure grip. 100% rubber coating make it end user friendly, this rubber coating make it safe and effective prevention of possible damage to floors and equipment.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY TRAINING PROGRAMS : For anyone looking to build strength, burn fat, and build a lean body, free weight training with dumbbells is more effective than stationary machines. Dumbbells are great fitness machines, their compact design allows you to work out where a large fitness machine won't fit.
  • EASY HOME WORKOUT: Now days it’s become difficult to find time to join a class or gym. With this exercise hex dumbbell you can save a lot of time and still achieve the results you want. The best thing about hex dumbbells is that they give the athlete more freedom of movement than barbells during some workouts.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Our each Hex Dumbbells is come with Kettlebands lifetime guarantee. If you have any query about our products you can contact us, we will be back to you in less than 24 hours. Achieve your fitness goals faster with Kettlebands Hex Dumbbells. All of our products including Hex Dumbbells are  very effective total body muscle strengthening, muscle toning, and biceps. 



The hexagonal heads prevent rotation and allow for easier storage with ergonomic diamond-shaped steel handles to limit slipping and provide a comfortable and secure hold.


Free weight training with dumbbells is much more dynamically effective than exercise machines. Hundreds of thousands of routines are waiting to be added to your home exercise program. Even if you're over 40, it's never too late to start.


Suggest buying all weights from 5lbs to 50lbs, since user from beginners to be fitness experts will need different weight to do exercise. A pair of hex dumbbell form 5-50 lbs are ideal equipments for long-term exercise.


  • Ergonomically designed structure provides a great grip.
  • Coupled with diamond knurl ergonomic steel handles to restrain slipping.


  • Hexagon shape make it able to store in small space without rolling.
  • Minimize noise, and floor damage, on the dumbbells themselves.


  • Boost up metabolic process, and burn calories
  • Provide strength to bones, connective tissue, and muscles
  • Boost up stamina, and strengthen your body
  • Makes lungs and heart strong
  • Stabilizing muscles speed up recovery
  • It can promotes the immunity and boost energy level


Brand: Kettleband Fitness Store

Material: Cast Iron/Rubber Coating

Weight: 22.5lbs

Color: Black

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