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Kettleband – Powder coated kettlebell set – Kettlebells for weight lifting, Body conditioning, Core training – full body exercise – home and gym workouts – 20kg/44lbs

PREMIUM QUALITY CAST IRON KETTLEBELL – These items are precisely manufactured with strict quality control utilizing the most advanced technology.  Each kettlebell is constructed of solid cast-iron without any welds, weal spots, casting burrs or rough spots.  A matte-black powder coating finish and color-coded rings on the handles identify the weight. The handles are anti-slip, providing an excellent, firm grip. The flat, stable base prevents the kettlebell from rolling away while exercising.

DUAL MARKINGS FOR BOTH KG AND LBS – The kettlebells are marked with two labels indicating KG and LBS on the front of the kettlebell. You will never be confused about the weight that you are lifting.

VERSATILE FITNESS EQUIPMENT – Swings, squats, dead-lifts, lifting, snatches, Turkish get-ups - Kettleband kettlebells increase your strength by helping you focus on specific muscle groups. All of our products are tailored to effective cardio, toning and overall body conditioning. You can achieve all your fitness goals with Kettleband

LIFETIME GUARANTEE – All our products come with a Kettleband lifetime guarantee. Our world-class customer service is here to meet your needs. Please contact us with any inquiries or concerns.

KETTLEBELLS REDUCE YOUR OVERALL WORKOUT TIME, INCREASE FITNESS AND REDUCE YOUR COST - With just one kettlebell, you can achieve an entire-body workout. A twenty-minute session with a Kettleband kettlebell suited to your current weight and fitness level can meet your daily cardio and strengthening goals. Kettlebells of two or three differing weights can replace an entire gym of less-effective equipment. People with home gyms are discovering their equipment can take up much less space and cost less, while still providing a top-level workout.


    Brand: Kettleband Fitness Store

    Material: Cast Iron

    Weight: 20kg/44lbs

    Color: Black/Dark Purple

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    "Kettleband is a proudly Canadian distributor of fitness equipment. We sell best-in-class exercise equipment for the home and for a wide variety of commercial facilities. My name is Keiss, and I am the founder of kettleband-fitness. I am committed to ensure that your fitness needs are met to the highest quality and at the most affordable prices."