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12KG/22LBS| Strength Training Kettlebells For weightlifting, Conditioning, And Core Training |For Home and Gym Workout |


  • PREMIUM QUALITY IRON KETTLEBELl: Highly precise manufactured under strict quality control with advanced gravity die casting technology.  This Kettlebell is constructed with solid cast iron without any welds, weak spots, casting burr or rough spots. Matte black powder coating finish with colour coded handles which prevents corrosion and provide a super excellent grip with no hand slipping.
  • SMOOTH TEXTURED HANDLE & FLAT STABLE BASE: The texture of this kettlebell is smooth with no welds or rough spots, and the wide textured handle provides a secure and safe grip. Due to strong grip you can feel ease during exercise. We use only one casting mold for one kettlebell to ensure the precession and consistency of our kettlebells. The flat bottom provide a superior floor stability, and enables for upright storage, best for renegade rows, and handstands.
  • DUAL MARKINGS FOR BOTH LB & KG: The kettlebells rings are coloured coded for a unique look and easy to identify the weights. Our kettlebells are mark with two labels one is KG and other is LB. So you have no need to use the calculator to find out how much weight you are swinging. The 8kg, 18lbs kettlebell ring is coloured in yellow and coated with black powder for tight grip.
  • VERSATILE FITNESS EQUIPMENT: You can use it for swings, squats deadlifts, lifting, and also get ups and snatches to workout. By using our Kettlebells you can increase the strength of your body parts including muscles group, shoulders, legs, biceps and more. 
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Our each kettlebell comes with Kettleband's lifetime guarantee. If you have any query about our products you can contact us, we will get back to you in less than 24 hours. Achieve your fitness goals faster with Kettleband Cast Iron Kettlebells. All of our products including Kettlebells are very effective total body cardio, muscle strengthening, muscle toning, biceps and other body parts.



With a high versatility of the Kettlebell, you can do a powerful cardio workout with just one kettlebell. In fact, many believe it is more effective than steady state cardio for burning fat, boosting metabolism, muscle endurance, and improving heart health. It is important to maintain a high heart rate throughout your workout. You can easily burn your calories with a light weight kettlebell metabolic workout in very less time.


Most of us live in very fast world and we do not have two or three hours a day for a good workout. Use kettlebells weights for an effective 20-minute full-body workout that will set you free for the whole day. You can do a lot with 2-3 Kettlebells, eliminating the need to train regularly in a large facility. There are more and more home gyms and smaller workout areas springing up, making kettlebells ideal for saving space and storage.


It is made up of solid cast iron without any welds, weak spots or joints. Powder coating resists corrosion and increases durability, providing reliable protection for every kettle. The smooth, lightly textured handle provides a secure grip for high reps and requires no powder. Usable for indoors and outdoors activities


  • Increase stamina, and strength of the body
  • Makes lungs and heart strong
  • Protect from cardiovascular disorder, and heart strokes
  • Burn fat and calories
  • Stabilizing muscles speed up recovery
  • It can improve movement, and also boost immunity


Brand: Kettleband Fitness Store

Material: Cast Iron

Weight: 12kg/26lbs

Color: Black/Blue

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